IBEX, a company that cares for regional flavours

IBEX is a artisanal company from Savoy, located in Jacob-Bellecombette, next to Chambéry and specialised in the production of alcoholized emulsions. Founded by Olivier Marmet, that had previously implemented the production of cider in Savoy, IBEX is very concerned about the quality of its products and the respect of local identities.

IBEX has started to be known when bringing into the light a mythic drink from our valleys, la Chèvre des Alpes, and is now proposing a innovating product for gastronomy professionals : a range of liquors, wines and spirits emulsions ready to use to enhance salty and sweet dishes and create cocktails and cappucinos : l Ecume des Anges

Our products are recognised for their originality and their french gastronomy quality and proposed in a number of countries.

L'Ecume des Anges

Nos mousses culinaires (appelées aussi espuma) sont destinées à la réalisation de verrines et de plats créatifs.

Our culinary foams (also called espuma) are perfect for creative dishes and glass cups. Our espumas are made with fruit juices and purée, infusions, natural extracts and bovine gelatin. They are 0% fat, and lactose and gluten free.
Their shelf life is 12 months and they have to be used within one month after being opened.

    Two textures available according to your preferences :

  • Ferm emulsion Chantilly type : the bottle has to be kept in the refrigerator
  • Liquid emulsion milk foam type : the bottle can be kept at room temperature

Our foams can be used with no problem on coffees, creamy soups, etc...

It's up to you now ! Available on www.laboutiquesavoyarde.com.

Flavors and exemples of recipes


One side cooked Pollan filet with its seasonal vegetables and its saffron espuma.

Slightly cooked Saint Jacques appetizers with its saffron espuma and its rocket salad.


Ceps and crushed hazelnuts Risotto with touches of ceps espuma.

Creamy sweet chestnut soup, small croutons and its cep espuma floating island.

Balsamic vinegar

Glass cup of Andalusian gaspacho with its touch of balsamic vinegar espuma.

Strawberry and rhubarb soup with perls of basamic vinegar espuma and its wild strawberry sorbet.

Chartreuse Verte

Black chocolate fondant with bulgarian yoghurt ice cream and a little shot of Chartreuse Verte espuma.

Angel foam type GreenChaud : hot chocolate with a touch of Chartreuse Verte.


Glass cup with blood orange gelly, chetnut moss wiskey-flavoured and its hazelnut espuma.

Cappucino style halzelnut coffee : hazelnut espuma on a long coffee.

Red berries juice

Slightly cooked Foie gras on gingerbread toasts with its raspberry espuma.

Milk chocolate and pine nut brownie with its lemon sorbet and a slight line of raspberry espuma .

Mojito without alcohol

Panacotta honey and vanilla, coconut cookie and its mojito espuma.

Lollipops of rolled smokes salmon and dill-flavoured mascarpone, to dip in the mojito espuma.


The only “Chantilly” mousse Fat Free

  • With only 2 kcalories per spoon (3 gr)
  • Lactose free, gluten free
  • With natural extract of Tahiti vanilla

The mousse which was lacking on your shelf of whipped cream

Available on www.laboutiquesavoyarde.com.

La Chèvre des Alpes

La Chèvre is a mythical drink of the Alps and its origins remain until today unsettled.

In the secret of wine cellars, La Chèvre is traditionally produced in the fall and ferments in resistant barrels. Young white wine, young cider, alcohol and sugar are the ingredients of the recipes handed down from generation to generation. At Christmas time friends are invited to „milk the goat“: the tasteful, boozed and perfumed froth is tapped and „chug-a-lugged“ before it subsides.

So far, the drink has not been commercialized for technical and regulatory reasons and it was only consumed in private. Combining perfectly tradition and bylaw, Olivier Marmet puzzled out a manufacturing process by using an innovative aerosol-conditioning. Via the brand « La Chèvre des Alpes », he developed a range of traditional and other groundbreaking recipes.

Discover more about la Chèvre des Alpes. | Available on www.laboutiquesavoyarde.com.

A legendary beverage

  • An amazing taste

  • Original Recipes

  • A Savoy artist, noted for his work as a snowboard-designer, created the fancy bottle etiquette: Gérald Viossat. (A. Snowboards, Nidecker, NDK, Donuts...) The Corporate Designer-Team, well-known in the action sports industry, takes care of the product-launching and the marketing concept.

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    Olivier MARMET
    Ibex sarl

    3 rue de la Mairie
    73000 Jacob-Bellecombette

    Siret: 51478236600017 / APE: 4634 Z
    TVA Intracommunautaire: FR22514782366

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